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Holiday Day 9: Day At Sea

October 19th, 2008

Today was the 2nd of 3 Sea days, which my legs and feet sincerely needed! It was great to be able to do nothing all day, and not feel bad about it at all!

We are currently sailing down the coast of Italy, towards Messina, Sicily, where we will be arriving at 7am tomorrow morning. We will be visiting Mt. Etna, which is one of the most studied (and still active) Volcano’s in the world. Italy seems to be full of active Volcano’s as we will be sailing past another one tomorrow night which will hopefully be a grumpy volcano, so we can see it at night (flames etc)

We have been told that we have to try the Canole tomorrow in Sicily, its there specialty sweet. It is Ricotta cheese covered in chocolate… sounds interesting? Will let you know tomorrow

As there was nothing much to do today, there is nothing much to write about, so I thought I would share some interesting facts about the boat

Number of Meals per day: 18,000
Number of Speakers: 700
Light points: 40,000
Cables: 1200 miles
Piping: 230 miles
Cabins:1,487 prefabricated cabins

Its bed time now, arriving early in Sicily, more details on that tomorrow!


Bed Time Buddys!