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Holiday 2012: Day 16 – Barcelona, Spain

June 15th, 2012

Welcome to Barcelona, Spain

Well, another cruise has come and gone, and it will rate as one of the best. The company at dinner was great, and we often managed to finish 3 bottles of wine between 6 of us during dinner. But, all good things have to come to an end, and as such we are now off the beautiful Carnival Breeze. It all started very early this morning, with de-embarkation beginning at a ridiculous time of 5:30am!! We managed to stay onboard till 8:30am, and then made our way to the hotel. unfortunately the hotel was not ready for us so early in the morning, and we had to go do some walking around of Barcelona. I think its got to the point of the holiday where we are both (me and dad) tired of sightseeing. The cruise was amazing and we saw so many beautiful places, but for a holiday, it’s really exhausting, often arriving in ports at 6/7am in the morning

Barcelona – La Rambla Mimes

Barcelona – Walk around the city

Barcelona – Walk around the city

Somehow I managed to bugger up our flights back to SA, and fortunately I picked it up a couple of minutes ago. We where suppose to be spending two nights in Barcelona and then flying to Munich on Sunday, and then on to Johannesburg, landing Monday morning, but with some confusion in the early days of booking the tickets, I managed to book our tickets back to Munich for tomorrow. So we will now be spending the night in Munich instead of Barcelona. Not a train smash, but would have been a disaster if we had not picked it up, as we would have missed our flights to Munich!

Barcelona – Walk around the city

Barcelona – Walk around the city

We finished off the day in Barcelona with dinner and tons of Sangria with some crazy American friends we met on the boat during a shore excursion from Dubrovnik. Thanks Tania, Kathy, Corrin and the rest, it was great meeting you! Hope to see you all again soon!

This will be the last blog post of this holiday, and I thank you all for reading it. We have already decided on the 2013 Holiday, and that will be a cruise through the Baltic sea, with stops in Finland, Russia, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, it looks really good.. Bring on July 2013!! Until then, Aidos!

Aidos.. the end!