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Holiday 2010: Day 15 – Seattle, Washington

May 19th, 2010

This morning we awoke to a typical day in Seattle, and by typical I mean raining, big grey clouds and lots of rain. This morning the Carnival Spirit arrived in Seattle, Washington, our final port and time to leave the boat. It was an amazing cruise, and was sad to have to leave the boat, the service is really 5 star, it was 7 day’s of pure luxury.

The weather in Seattle is really unpredictable, this morning was cold and rainy, and then it was just cold, then it was hot, then hot and windy, then rainy, then hot, then hot and windy, and then windy.. it really changes so often, you really never know what is going to be next.

We tried to check into the hotel early (straight from the boat), but unfortunately our room was not ready, so we left our baggage in the hotel and made our way into Seattle. We made our way into the famous Pike Place Market. Now Pike Place Market has the famous flying fish, which is where you order your fish in one place of the shop, and the shop staff toss the fish across the shop to another person in the shop for packaging, in busy times its flying fish with these really big fish being tossed around, pretty impressive, but smelly!

Walking around Seattle, killing some time so we could check into the hotel, we came upon a street which had bright green signs on the tree’s, these signs say that the tree is protected, and that any construction etc has to save the tree, or they will be liable for the replacement, the tree’s range from $5000 to $14000 each!

We then made our way to the Seattle Space Needle. The Space Needle was built for the World Trade Fair in 1962, and it was the tallest building in Seattle. It is 184m at its highest point, and the view from the top is beautiful. You get a view of the entire city. For the first time in 7 cruises, we managed to watch the boat leave on its next cruise, we usually leave the same day and miss the boat leaving again. It was beautiful to watch the Carnival Spirit leaving the Port of Seattle from the Space needle, it really gives you a good view.

After finishing up on the Space Needle, it was time for dinner, and I picked hooters, of course! They really make the best chips (curly fries) and I felt like a plate before coming home, and of course the lovely girls that work there! hahaha! After that we made our way back up the Space Needle as we purchased a day and night visit, to see Seattle by night, it was really cold and windy on top, so we didn’t hang around for long!

Tomorrow we begin the very long journey home, I will make a final blog post on Friday when I get home, I have also updated all the cruise posts with pictures that I was unable to post from the boat, so feel free to use the “Older Entries” button right at the bottom of the blog page, to go back and view them, they will also be available by clicking Holiday Photographs from the top of the blog. Goodnight for now!