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Holiday Day 13: Genova Italy

October 23rd, 2008

So this morning we arrived in Genoa (or Genova to be technically correct) instead of our originally planned stop of Monaco. The sea’s where incredibly bumpy last night, getting thrown from left to right, and back again, nothing to get sea sick about, almost like a little rollercoaster ride! The cabin however was comfortable with the sea rocking you to sleep!


So, Genova is really nothing special, you can see why they don’t generally bring cruise liners here! There is really nothing much to do, we arrived at 12pm today, and we decided to only get off around 2pm, after an afternoon siesta (this is the Mediterranean after all, and it is the right thing to do!) and then we had lunch and made our way down to the city center. That is pretty much all Genova has, they have really not aimed the city as a tourist destination, and it is extremely Italian, with very few tourists around, except the 3000 of us from the Carnival Freedom

One interesting thing that Genova has is the largest Aquarium in Europe, which is also the 2nd largest in the world. Unfortunately, it was a little hard to justify going in, at 20 euros per person, and the current exchange rate! (Ouch!). We walked around Genova for about 5 hours, taken in some of the pretty, but not beautiful sights when compared to the other Italian ports that we have visited.

Christopher Columbus – His Childhood House

Genova is a highly cosmopolitan, extremely busy, typical city life, not aimed at the tourists at all. Certainly no Monte Carlo!

Anyway, that is pretty much all I can write on Genova, as there is really nothing that special about it. Had we had more time, would have most likely taken the train to Milan, which is obviously the fashion capital of the world, but just not enough time for this.

Hopefully the weather gods are on our side for tomorrow in Livorno. We are taken a bus ride up to Florence, which is meant to be a beautiful city!

Ok so its dinner time, sitting on the top pool deck looking over Genova (Its actually quite pretty night!)