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Holiday: Day 16: Orlando,Florida

May 27th, 2007

Disney: Day 7: Orlando, Florida

Today was a free day, and pretty much do as we please. We got up pretty early still as we had lots of shopping to do. Made our way to Downtown Disney World (Shopping and Food Area of Disney) to get some Disney merchandise which we had seen in the parks, and then watched a Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, awesome awesome movie, a fitting end to the previous story, and as usual, they have left alot of space available to make a 4th, and a bit of research, seems a 4th Pirates is in the making.. However this was the last Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.. Yay!!! I must say watching it in Disney was pretty cool since its a Disney Movie, the whole of Downtown Disney was full of Pirates merchandise, and nicely themed. The really cool things about the movie house.. Unlimited Drinks and Popcorn (butter flavoured), once you make your first purchase, you can get a refill as often as you want.. cool!!

Made our way back to Epcot this evening (we had one more disney day visit to use) to re-record Illuminations: Reflections of the World, since we found the fireworks mode on the video camera, and the wide angle lense I ordered online arrived yesterday.. very very nice video this time!! Even better then the first time.

SeaWorld has just launched there new night time show, called Shamu: Rocking the world. Our tickets we bought are valid for 7 days with unlimited entrance, so we going to go there to see the night time show tommorow night (our last night here). Should be good!!

Goodnight for now, having a sort of early night! Miss ya all.. home really soon now, flying home on Monday morning.. get home late tuesday afternoon!

Craig: Tell Lindy I have an eeyore for her! 🙂