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Holiday: Day 18 (Cruise)

September 19th, 2006

Ooooh pretty! The place of postcards!

Cruise: Day 3

Todays stop was Portland, Maine. We arrived at Portland just before 7am, WAY to early for my liking, I don’t do mornings.. But anyway, our tour started at 8:15, and I still wanted to have time for breakfast, so I had to do mornings today. Portland is a beautiful place, and the weather was stunning today (27 Degrees / 80 Fahrenheit).  They say we where very lucky with the weather, as they are expecting the frost to start from Wednesday. Last year they had 57″ of Snow, and the year before they had 117″ (that’s inches) of snow. Damn that’s allot of snow!!!!!

Early Morning Sunrise!

After having a few issues with the first bus (engine problems) we got onto the 2nd Bus, which then had issues with the P/A system, so we jumped onto the 3rd bus which finally took us on our tour, 30 minutes late. We drove through a very scenic Maine, up to the oldest Lighthouse in Maine. Maine has 71 working lighthouses along its cost, and has had many many shipwrecks overtime. Maine is really a “postcard” like setting, with everything being gorgeous! Had the MOST divine Ice Cream in Portland, it was all homemade ice cream, and I think it was possibly the best Ice Cream I have ever had, it was so heavy, it took me like 20minutes just to eat the ice cream (This was just in a cone, it was huge!)

Maine Head Lighthouse

Tonight is the first Vegas Style show, called “Living In America”, I have seen this show previously on the other cruise boats, but its a good show with nice skimpy outfits on the girls.. So no complaining there. After the show will be the first of the Adult comedian shows, and from his show last night (the family show) it could be a very good adult show.. hehe!

Tommorow we will be arriving in Saint Johns, Canada, this is our first stop in Canada, our next one will be Halifax, Nova Scotia… I realize the picture I have uploaded is incorrect :).

It was interesting to find out, that the Titanic actually sank not so far off the coast of Halifax (Not so far being 750 miles…), and this was the staging area for the recovery of Titanic / passengers, you learn something new everyday!.

OK well time for the show, home in 1 week today!

Start of the 23hrs of flying on Saturday night! Eish.. Arrive back in JHB on Monday morning, after flying via London!

Miss ya guys! 🙂


Yes i Realise i made a mistake with my day numbering where i have a double day 🙂 this was not on purpose, it was the blonde coming out! 🙂