Holiday 2015 – Day 6 – Sangkhlaburi, Thailand

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After another early morning start, we made our way to the Sangkhlaburi district of Thailand, which was about a 2.5 hour drive from the Hellfire pass. The drive is incredibly hilly, and I have not worked out yet if its a cyclists dream or a cyclists nightmare. Having a quick look on Strava, there is a 42.7km hill, categorized as hors categorie.. which for my non cycling readers.. means it so steep they cannot classify it….

After the 2.5 hour ride in the van, we arrived at our accommodation for the night, which is P. GuestHouse. This would be our base for today’s activities. As I mentioned yesterday, today would be the fun day!

We started off the day with a longtail boat ride to the underwater temple. Now its not really underwater.. well not right now atleast! The area used to be full of canals, and then in 1984 they built a dam and the waters have been raised by many many meters. Every year in the rainy season, the banks of the river will rise, and the temple will be covered in water

Sangkhlaburi, Thailand – Longtail Riverboat Ride

Sangkhlaburi, Thailand – Underwater Temple

Sangkhlaburi, Thailand – Underwater Temple

We returned back from the underwater temple and made our way to the Ranti River Elephant camp.  There are 10 elephants and the Thai-speaking Karen elephant trainers that were born and raised along with the elephants. What amazing about this elephant camp, is the surrounding jungle and the elephant paths used are the most untouched wilderness in Kanchanaburi. That may be the reason why the elephants here live very long lives.

Sangkhlaburi, Thailand – Elephant Trekking

Sangkhlaburi, Thailand – Elephant Trekking

The Elephant Trek took around 1 hour, with many river crossings and exploring of the jungle. At the end of the elephant trek, we had some juicy pineapple, before making our way back to the camp. Now getting back to the camp is slightly different.. and you make your way back to the camp using a bamboo raft and padding down the river back to the camp, having a quick stop halfway for a swim.

Sangkhlaburi, Thailand – Bamboo River Rafting

Another fantastic day in Thailand is finished! Tomorrow we will be starting VERY early, and at 6am we will make our way across the Mon Village Bridge, the longest wooden bridge in Thailand! After that we will be visiting Three Pagodas Pass, then making our way to a market for some shopping. We will end our day off with a barge ride in the Sai Yok National Park, passing two waterfalls

Another update tomorrow 🙂

Sangkhlaburi, Thailand – The Rain arriving


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