Holiday 2015 – Day 4 – Bangkok, Thailand

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Welcome Back and thanks for reading so far! 😉

After a nice relaxing breakfast on the riverside deck of the hotel, and saying the goodbyes to mom and Mike who had to make their way back to Hong Kong this afternoon, we visited the Grand Palace. Today is a very religious holiday in Thailand, as its the celebration of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.

We took the water ferry to the Grand Palace, and on arriving the crowds where crazy! They have a very strict dress code at the Grand Palace because of the temple inside of it, and being incorrectly dressed is disrespecting towards Buddha. Fortunately you can hire long pants (baggy cotton overs) that you can use while at the Palace / Temple so that you are appropriately dressed.

On arriving at the temple, a local tour guide offered her services, and after some bartering on the price, we agreed to take her tour, and this was 500 baht very well spent! Without her it would have been a walk around the palace admiring some very beautiful building, but not knowing anything about them. She was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and really glad we hired her for the tour

Due to today being a very religious holiday (as mentioned earlier) the Prince would be coming to the temple to do the blessings / prayers. This would usually be the job of the king, but he is 88 years old and is currently sickly, so he is currently in the hospital. The prince (64 years old!) is currently doing most of the kings public appearances on his behalf. Unfortunately this meant that the Emerald Temple was shut today and we could not go inside as it was being prepared for the prince

The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and is must-see sight that no visit to Bangkok would be complete without, it’s the dazzling, spectacular Grand Palace, undoubtedly the city’s most famous landmark. It was home of the king for 150 years. The buildings are truly beautiful and I will leave the pictures to say the words for me.. a picture is worth a 1000 words after all! 🙂

Bangkok, Thailand – Grand Palace

Bangkok, Thailand – Yaks Guarding the Grand Palace

Bangkok, Thailand – Grand Palace

Bangkok, Thailand – Grand Palace

Bangkok, Thailand – Grand Palace

Bangkok, Thailand – Grand Palace

Bangkok, Thailand –  The Great Chakri Palace

Bangkok, Thailand – Phra Maha Prasat group

Inside of the palace, is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaew, which houses the emerald Buddha. The Buddha is carved from a single piece of Jade Stone, and is 76cm tall. The Emerald Buddha is adorned with three different sets of gold clothing, which are changed by the King of Thailand  in a ceremony at the changing of the seasons, around March, July and November. The three sets of gold garments correspond to Thailand’s summer season, rainy season, and cool season. Because the Temple was closed, we where unable to see the Buddha up close.

Emerald Buddha – Gold Clothing

After this tour we made our way back to the hotel to cool down a bit, and then to the MBK (an amazing shopping center!!) for some dinner and some last minute shopping. Tomorrow morning bright and early we will be making our way to Kanchanaburi for our 3 night / 4 day tour and will have lots of updates from tomorrow and some more pictures! The stay at the Millennium Hilton has been fantastic and it will be missed (just until Friday, when we will be back again!)

Goodnight for now 🙂

Bangkok, Thailand – Millennium Hilton




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