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Holiday 2015 – Day 2 – Bangkok, Thailand

May 30th, 2015

Good Evening from a very HOT and STUFFY Bangkok! Air conditioning has become my new best friend, and you really look forward to entering a train / shop / shopping mall with aircon. Walking back outside is like hitting a wall of heat, its insanely hot and humid and still trying to adjust!

After a stunning breakfast at the hotel (about 5 different buffets.. from Japanese / American / Chinese / Thai etc) we made our way to Khaosan Road, which is a must visit for any trip to Thailand according to out tour guide (mom!). To get to Khaosan Road from our hotel, you can take a river boat which drops you almost directly outside the market

Bangkok, Thailand – Some Riverside homes?

Khaosan shops sell handcrafts, paintings, clothes, local fruits, pirated CD’s, DVDs, a wide range of fake IDs, used books, plus many useful backpacker items. During late evening, the streets turn into bars and music is played, food hawkers sell barbecued insects, exotic snacks for tourists, and there are also locals flogging ping pong shows. After walking the road, we stopped for a 30 minute foot massage, which was amazing!

Bangkok, Thailand – Khaosan Road

Bangkok, Thailand – Khaosan Road

After Khaosan road, we took a taxi to the Caturday Cafe. Now before getting onto the cafe.. I need to mention the traffic again! The traffic in this place is INSANE.. It took around 45-50 minutes to get from Khaosan road to the Caturday Cafe, and its just 4km away! It really does make William Nicol during loadshedding seem bearable!

Watching “The Amazing Race” early this year, an episode was filmed in Bangkok and one of the pitstops was the Caturday cafe. After seeing this on TV, I knew we had to visit if we ever came to Bangkok, and well.. we are here now! The Caturday cafe has around 40 cats that reside at the cafe, but roughly only 20 of them are in the cafe each day. The cats are treated like royalty and are in immaculate condition and seem to love the company and attention

The cafe has a queue of around 30 minutes to get inside, and once inside no shoes are allowed! You are not allowed to feed the cats any ‘human’ food, but you can buy a plate of Tuna for 45 Baht (R15.00) for them, and feed it to them. When you have the tuna you suddenly become very popular! Apologies for the flood of pictures coming up 🙂

Bangkok, Thailand – Caturday Cafe

After the Caturday Cafe we made our to MBK center, which is a shopping center that is like a market! It’s full of shops, even those that sell iPhone 6 Plus 64gb / Samsung Galaxy S6’s for R1500… I’m a little dubious how original / genuine those are!

After the MBK we made our way to Sukhumvit Soi, which is near Nana. Nana is the red light district of Bangkok and many lady boys are waiting on the street corners etc, and the markets are full of shops selling adult toys / viagra etc. The reason for the visit was for dinner at an Aussie sports bar which was very yummy, and then some street food for dessert… Banana pancakes covered in chocolate sauce and condensed milk.. VERY yummy

Bangkok, Thailand – Banana Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce / Condensed Milk

Bangkok, Thailand – Sukhumvit Soi / NaNa

Bangkok, Thailand – Sukhumvit Soi / NaNa

Bangkok, Thailand – Sukhumvit Soi / NaNa

Tomorrow morning will start with a trip to the weekend market, which is apparently huge.. guess we will see tomorrow 🙂 Until then, good night 🙂