Holiday 2013 – Day 13 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Welcome to Amsterdam, Netherlands!

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Flag

This morning we arrived in our final port of call, Amsterdam! To get into the Port of Amsterdam, you need to pass through a lock (where they raise and lower the water as the land height changes), and bright and early this morning we passed through the Ljmuiden Lock, which was built in 1865, and a few hours hours later, we docked in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam – Ljmuiden Lock

As i have visited Amsterdam a few times now for work, we decided that I would be the tour guide, maybe not such a great idea, as my directions where not perfect, but we found everything ok in the end! My left’s and right’s where all messed up, and ended up walking parallel to the main street a couple of times before actually finding it!

The previous time I was in Amsterdam, I did a redlight District night walking tour, which was very interesting with some of the history and information, which I tried to remember today, and got most of it! Unfortunately the redlight district just isn’t the same when the sun is shining, and it really does need to be dark to really experience it! However, no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a walk down the redlight district streets which is always interesting! Photos are a strict no no, they are even more strict then the Russians in the Amber room, and you don’t dare take a photo of the girls in the window, or risk your camera being broken! The Amsterdam government seems pretty intent on eventually closing down the red light district completely and converting the windows into high end fashion boutiques and shops

Amsterdam – Cannabis Shop

Amsterdam – Condom Boutique

Amsterdam – Fake Redlight District Door

Obviously Amsterdam is also famous for its “coffee shops” and you can smell the auroma’s as you walk past each of the coffee shops. After we had finished walking the streets of Amsterdam, we decided to do a canal cruise to get a different view of Amsterdam. Its amazing how many people are living on “canal houses” which are just like real houses, just floating! Atleast moving would be easy.. just hook it up and pull it to the next place, no unpacking needed!

Amsterdam – Canal Cruise Views

Amsterdam – Canal Cruise Views

Amsterdam – Canal Cruise Views

We are now on our way back to Dover, which will arrive at bright and early tomorrow morning. This cruise has been an incredible experience, and the entertainment on the boat has been top class, from an Illusionist, and Magician who has performed for the queen, a hypnotist that has a MBE, the lead singer of Lion King in Westend, to a musical performer tonight who has performed at over 50 private functions for Prince Charles, they really outdid themselves on the fly in entertainment on this cruise!

Dinner with our “quiet” American friends where lots of fun, and we will have to wait until the next cruise to meet up with them again! Thanks for a great time! 🙂


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  1. Kim Pence says:

    Francis; great pictures and commentary. Sounds like with a little polishing you could have a second career as an eclectic tour guide.

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