Holiday 2012: Day 12 – Rome, Italy

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Welcome to Rome, Italy

Very early this morning, we arrived in Rome, Italy… well.. actually we didn’t! We arrived in Civitavecchia, which is the closest port to Rome, as Rome (the eternal city) is inland. The train ride is about 80km from Civitavecchia, and takes around 45 minutes on the express train, or just over an hour on the slow train (it stops at almost every stop along the route). The public transport system in Italy is really good.  When planning the vacation, we had decided not to go into Rome, and was instead going to explore Civitavecchia, but somehow between waking up and having breakfast, plans got changed, and we made our way up to Rome on the Train

Today was the “Express Tourist Visit” of Rome, as we managed to visit a lot of the major sites, in under 4 hours. While the boat is actually docked today for around 13 hours, by the time we decided to visit Rome, it was already 10:30, and by the time we got to the train station and into Rome, it was already around 12:30. The quickest way to explore a city when you have very little time, is to use the Metro / Underground system, and Rome has a very good one. It costs 6 Euros for the day, and that’s unlimited travel on any public transport system (bus / tram / metro). I have traveled on many Metro / Underground systems, and NEVER experienced such a busy system. The trains were packed that they where busting at the seams, it was a real jam to get on and off, but they still work really well. I’m pretty sure somebody tried to pick pocket me.. it was pretty obvious, but he was out of luck, I was ready for them, and didn’t have anything in my pockets to be picked! 🙂

Our first stop on the Metro was to Colosseum, the greatest architectural remnant of ancient Rome. The police in the area have cleaned up the place a lot, and the illegal sellers and fake roman gladiators (for photos) have been chased away and even though they try to come back, the police chase them away very quickly.

Rome – The Outside of the Colosseum

Rome – Inside of the Colosseum

The Roman Forum’s where our next visit, which is a plaza surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings from the Roman times.

Rome – The Roman Forums

Rome – The Roman Forums

Ok running out of time in Rome, next stop had to be the Vatican City, no visit to Rome would be complete without it! Jumped back on the Metro, made a change to a different line and then off to the Vatican City. The Vatican city, as always, is incredibly beautiful, and incredibly busy! The queues to visit inside where insane!

Rome – The Vatican City

Rome – The Vatican City

Last stop of the day, Trevi fountain! While getting lost for a while, we managed to eventually find them, also incredibly beautiful, and so incredibly busy you can hardly get close to them. Rome is now officially the most visited city in the world, and we could see that today!

Rome – Trevi Fountain

Its dinner time now, time for that well earned Chocolate Melting cake after another day of walking blisters into feet! Enjoy the photos, and remember, click on them to make them bigger, and if you have missed a post and want to go back, there is an “Older Entries” button on the bottom left


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