Holiday 2012: Day 11 – Olbia, Sardinia (Italy)

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Welcome to Olbia, Sardinia

Late this morning, we arrive in the city of Olbia. Olbia is located on the island of Sardinia, which forms part of Italy. It is also the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily (our location yesterday). As mentioned before, this was a port that we had no plans for, as research on google and forums didn’t bring up much information. The shore excursions offered also did not look that promising, with options such as “beach day” etc. This was a port day for relaxing in, and recovering from all the previous long hot days in Europe, and getting ready for the next 4 in a row.

The port of Olbia made the Carnival Breeze feel very welcome, with about 8 car ferries (Olbia is 100km from Mainland Italy by sea) all sounding their horns as we came into port. We also had a full brass band and other forms of local entertainment, all welcoming the boat into the port of Olbia

Olbia – The welcoming band!

The city of Olbia is pretty small, and it only took us about an hour to walk around most of the city, and then back to the boat for lunch. It was really a day of relaxation, and not much else to blog about. We are about to set sail, and im writing this blog from outside deck, watching over the city of Olbia. There are still around 10 people missing, and the boat does not wait for them if they are late. In about 20 minutes, we will set sail for Rome, with our without them!

Enjoy some pictures, of the lovely city of Olbia


Olbia – City view with Carnival Breeze in Background!

Olbia – Photo of the City

Olbia – Photo of the City

Olbia – Photo of the City

Olbia – Photo of the City

Olbia – Photo of the City

Edit… We just set sail… 2 people didnt make it back! They will now be finding their own way to Rome to meet up with the boat tomorrow!

Olbia – Sailing off into the distance


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