Holiday 2012: Day 9 – Fun Day at Sea 2

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Hello from somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a beautiful day here, with the sun shining, around 30 degrees outside and the sea is incredibly calm and smooth. Being a sea day (our 2nd and last) there is not that much to blog about, as it’s a lazy day. After the amount of walking done yesterday in Izmir, and Wednesday in Athens, the feet really needed their day off today!

Last night, we decided to do something different for dinner, and that is to attend the Chef’s table. Just before we left for the trip, I found out some information about it, and when we got on board, we tried to book. Unfortunately it was already sold out! However on Wednesday afternoon, just before leaving Athens, we got a phone call, telling us there had been a cancellation, and we had been placed on the Chefs Table for Thursday night.

Now, I’m sure your trying to work out what Chef’s table is, and I’m going to tell you now! Chef’s table is the chance to experience dinner, in the middle of the ships kitchen (Galley) while having the chef personally explain everything to you and have most of the food prepared infront of you. They take 4 Chef’s tables over this 12 night cruise, and each table can take 12 people, so only 48 people out of over 4000 will get the chance to experience this amazing dinner.

The evening starts with the head chef fetching you from the Piano bar and introducing himself, and then taking you into the galley of the ship. In this Galley, they serve over 3200 dishes in 45 minutes, twice daily (early dinner and late dinner), over and above the breakfast and lunch that the galley prepares.

I have included the two menu’s bellow, as me being the picky eater, gets his own special menu 🙂

Chefs Table Menu – Graham

Chefs Table Menu – Francis (Veg)

Once entering the galley, you are taken to the receptions table, where the head chef and his assistants prepare your starters infront of you (see menu above). Now I tried to get some photos, and I managed to get a couple before we were told that we are not allowed to take pictures for security reasons… but here are the few I managed to sneak 🙂

Chefs Table – Reception Area / Assistant Chefs Preparing starters

Chefs Table – Preparing of the Reception tasters

Chefs Table – Preparing of the Reception tasters

Chefs Table –  The Pea Focaccia

Once the receptions had been competed, we were taken to the actual dinner table, which is really in the middle of the main galley. You have the waiters from both dining rooms scurrying around behind you getting the Blush and Sapphire dining rooms ready for the late seating dinner (8:15pm). After having a couple of the starters, the chef then took us to visit the pastry area in the galley, where they gave us a demo of making the most amazing dessert on this earth, the warm melting chocolate cake. The amount of chocolate and sugar inside of this dessert is frightening, but it tastes so good 🙂

All of the food that is prepared for the Chef’s table is his favourites, with nothing on this menu available anywhere else on the ship. A lot of the food has a massive amount of preparation time, like the Cornish Hen (24hrs) and the short ribs (8hrs) which means they cannot do it in a great volume that is needed for the main dining room, so these are all unique and specially prepared just for this table! The dinner included all the wine that you could drink, and we had a magician show as well. The dinner lasted around 3hrs, and is really worth it!

Dessert was a VERY interesting combination of tastes and colours, where dessert actually included vegetables, and if you had not been told by the chef what you were having, you would have no idea! It included Black Olive dust, Carrot dust, Mango Jam, Raspberry Jam, Dried glazed beetroot and some caramel and coffee creams… now I know reading this, it sounds disgusting, but wow, absolutely amazing contrast of tastes, it was really uniquely divine!!

I would highly recommend the Chef’s table for anybody doing a Carnival Cruise where this is available, just make sure you book online well in advance! This picture bellow is a picture of a picture, so I apologise for the flashback!

Chefs Table –  The Table 🙂

Tomorrow morning, we will be arriving in Messina, Sicily (Italy), and it’s expected to be another hot one! We are doing a ship organised shore excursion for a change, and taking a bus ride to the city of Taormina, once we arrive here, we will have the rest of the day to ourselves to explore this city. This is the city which had all of the original godfather movies filmed, and is also home to the Cannoli which is an Italian dessert! But more on that tomorrow 🙂

Until then, Ciao!



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