Holiday 2012: Day 4 – The Carnival Breeze

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Ok, so really don’t have that much to blog about today, as we really did nothing except make our way to the brand new, Carnival Breeze. This is the inaugural cruise of the Breeze, and we have sailed out of Venice around 5hrs ago, and heading towards Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is one of my all time favourite European Cities… along side with the new favourite of Budapest. Its a beautiful city with a rich history, and its a UNESCO heritage site.. but more on that tomorrow!

At check-out this morning, I went a whiter shade of pale, when I was presented the bill for the hotel. Now as a Starwood Platinum guest, im entitled to have breakfast as “gift” of the hotel. Something went wrong with this, and was presented with a bill for 54 Euros per person per morning, or 216 euros for 2 mornings of breakfast. Now converting this to rands, this would be around R2200 for breakfast… I almost had a heart attack on the spot! Luckily, they hotel fixed this very quickly! Phew!

After checking out from the hotel, we decided to take a water taxi from the hotel to the boat, while they do cost more than just the usual bus transport, they drop you off pretty much right next to the cruise ship. Using the bus drops you off around 1.5km away from the cruise terminal, and dragging 35kg’s worth of luggage from there is a real pain! The water taxi collects you at a private enterance for the hotel, which was used in the scene of Angelina Jolie arriving at the hotel in the movie “The Tourist”, you almost feel like a rock star / movie actor yourself, catching a water taxi from this point! Very cool!!

Arriving at the Cruise terminal via the water taxi was interesting, as it felt like being on William Nicol during 5pm rush hour, with all of the water taxi’s trying to get there guests to the Carnival Breeze (4000 guests), the water taxi’s were just everywhere, and parking each other, with the drivers swearing at each other in Italian, as they could not reverse out etc… and in typical taxi style.. we managed to jump the queue and steal a parking bay, while another driver wasnt looking! I think they might have been trained in Jo’burg!

I’m going to post some pictures of the beautiful Hotel Danieli. The Hotel Danieli is made up of three palaces that make up the hotel, the expertly restored 14th century Palazzo Dandolo was once the residence of the Doge Dandolo family. The Hotel is full of Murano glass chandeliers, ornately carved pink marble columns, stained glass, woven rugs and dramatic high ceilings adorned with golden leaves frame the majestic staircase within the palace.  The main restaurant, the Restaurant Terrazza Danieli, offers mesmerizing views of the Grand Canal and Adriatic sea paired with delectable indigenous dishes. (the above is stolen from their website..)

So, enjoy the pics! Chat tomorrow from Dubrovnik!

Venice – Hotel Danieli – Outside

Venice – Hotel Danieli – Private Water Taxi Landing (As Used in movie, The Tourist)

Venice – Hotel Danieli – Junior Suite, Main Bedroom

Venice – Hotel Danieli – Junior Suite, Private Lounge

Venice – Hotel Danieli – 3rd Floor Foyer

Venice – Hotel Danieli – Looking down from 3rd Floor Foyer

Venice – Hotel Danieli – One of the mainy priceless original art pieces and antique funiture


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