Holiday 2012: Day 5 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Welcome to Beautiful Dubrovnik, the lovely coastal city in Croatia. This afternoon at lunch time, the Carnival Breeze arrived in Dubrovnik, for a stay that was way to short! 7hrs to take in this beautiful city is not enough. I fell in love with Dubrovnik on our last cruise in 2008, and was looking forward to this stop again. As we had already seen the Old City of Dubrovnik last time, we decided to do something different, and that something different was a ship organised shore excursion, bicycling in the Konavle valley.

Konavle was really badly damaged in the Croatian War for Independence; however it still has the status of one of the wealthiest counties in Croatia. It has a population of 8,250 people (in 2001) and is 209 km2, in other words, there is tons of space.

The shore excursion included a 45 minute bus ride (aka nap time!) from the port of Dubrovnik, out to the Konavle Valley, to where our Mountain Bikes (with slicks!) were waiting for us. From here we took a nice slow paced cycle through the Konavle Valley.

While the valley is pretty flat inside, to get out of the valley would need some serious climbing legs! We rode the bikes for around 2hrs, and then stopped for a wine tasting at a local vineyard. A lot of the Croatian wine is made in this area, and they had red and white wine for us to taste.

After the wine tasting, we resumed the bike ride back to the bus to make our way back to the port of Dubrovnik. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to explore the old city again, but while disappointing, we had seen it previously and really enjoyed the bike ride! Hope your enjoying the blog, and the pictures im posting, and talking about pictures, here are todays!

Dubrovnik – Arriving in the Port

Dubrovnik – The Old City Panaromic View

Dubrovnik – Kanavle Valley

Dubrovnik – Kanavle Valley

Dubrovnik – Kanavle Valley

Dubrovnik – Kanavle Valley

Dubrovnik – Kanavle Valley

Dubrovnik – Kanavle Valley


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