Holiday 2012: Day 3 – Venice, Italy

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Woke up this morning to a day that looked like it was going to be cold and wet, but ended up a BOILING hot day, with the sun baking down, and the humidity so high! Breakfast this morning was at the hotel, and the hotel has breakfast on the roof, overlooking the entire of the Venice canal, the view is amazing, and you just dont want to leave breakfast, you almost feel moviestar like! šŸ™‚

We started the day with working to the Jewish Gheto of Venice, as we had seen most of Venice when we visited in 2008. Finding anything in Venice is incredibly tricky, as the paths have a habit of just being a dead-end with no warning, or you get to a canal, and there is no bridge in sight to cross the canal… so you end up backtracking and trying to find a bridge to get accross, fun times! Here are a couple of pictures taken along the walk this morning

Venice – Local Street

VeniceĀ  – Canal in the city center

VeniceĀ  – Canal in the city center

VeniceĀ  – Canal in the city center

VeniceĀ  – Canal in the city center

VeniceĀ  – Canal in the city center

VeniceĀ  – CanalĀ  in the city center

Once we eventually found the Jewish Ghetto (after about 2 hours of walking) we took a stroll around. Compared to the rest of Venice, which was invaded by 4 cruise ships this morning and was hectically busy, the streets around the Ghetto were quiet and peaceful and you didnt have to barge your way through the crowds of people. The Jewish Ghetto was built in 1516, and remains the center of Jewish life in Venice, with many Synagogues and museums in the area. In 1516 a decree was put in place, that had doors placed on all the entrances to the Ghetto, which were then closes after to dark, to prevent the Jews from going out into Venice. A lot of them bribed the guards to get out and about at night. This way of living continued until Napoleon and the French army arrived in 1796 and had the doors broken door and burnt, here are a couple of pictures..

VeniceĀ  – Jewish Ghetto Entrance

VeniceĀ  – Holocaust Memorial

VeniceĀ  – Deportation Memorial

VeniceĀ  – Deportation Memorial – Names of those deported to Concentration Camps

VeniceĀ  – Jewish Ghetto Square

VeniceĀ  – Jewish Ghetto Wall

After finishing up in the Ghetto and finally finding our way back to the hotel, we took the vapareto (water bus.. amazing system!) to the island of Murano. Murano is very famous for its glass making, especially lamps. In the 1200’s, all of the glass makers of venice where moved to Murano, as they posed to much of a fire risk to the city of Venice. The island visit was actually pretty dissapointing, as the Chinese seem to have taken over, with alot of the shops selling “Made in Murano” items, which are actually imported from China with a fake sticker on it. However, the genuine glass items made in Murano, are absoloutly magnificant, however… you need to chop off an arm, a leg, the other arm.. and possibly even the other leg to be able to afford any of the authentic Murano glass items.

VeniceĀ  – Murano Glass Display

Late this evening, the Carnival Breeze arrived from the shipyard in which she was built, to get ready to start her first cruise. Tomorrow we will be boarding the boat, and then setting sail for Dubrovnik (Croatia) at around 6pm local time. She looks magnificant, as you can see bellow

Carnival Breeze

If you dont like getting lost, then don’t ever visit Venice! You will get lost, and eventually find your way, exploring tons of tiny and beautiful canal’s and alley ways!

Ciao! Chat to you all tomorrow!


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