Holiday 2012: Day 2 – Venice, Italy

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So as I write this blog to you, I am looking out of the window, on to the beautiful Grand Canal of Venice. Due to my extensive business travel last year, we are able to stay at the Hotel Danieli, which is ranked as a top 25 hotel of the year, and as loyal customer, they have upgraded us to a Lagoon View, Junior Suite. There are few words to describe the view from the hotel, all I remember is saying wow alot.. and maybe some other expletives 🙂

Venice Grand Canal – View from the Room

I really don’t have much to write today, as today was a mostly travel day, flying from Munich to Venice, and then catching the Water Bus (Alilaguna) from the airport to Piazza Saint Marco, where the hotel is located. Going along the Venice water ways is very similar to driving along William Nicol, as you have the Water Taxi’s overtaking you on the left and the right side, leaving you in thier wake.. very Willaim Nicol peak hour traffic like!

The room we are staying in is part of an old Palace in Vence, the building the hotel is located in, was built in the 1400’s and was known as the Palazzo Dandolo. The interior contains works of art, original furniture and lamps in Murano glass, tapestries, marble columns rose. The hotel was also used in the movie, The Tourist with Angelina Jolie 🙂

Did alot of walking around when we got here, and took some photos, which I will post now. Tomorrow I will post more photos of the room, and the beautiful Carnival Breeze sailing into Venice, which we will be boarding on Sunday.

Thanks for reading!

Venice Grand Canal – Walkway

Hotel Danilli

Night Shot of a Side Canal

Night shot of Hotel Danilli Water Side Entrance

Bridge Of Sighs – Venice

View from room at Night

Antionette and mom, this one is specially for you. Dad swore he would find this shop again which we found in 2008, and low and behold, he actually found the shop! Costs a small arm and a leg, but it is beautiful!

Porcelin Puppet – Puss in Boots



  1. Karin Derwort says:

    As you said: WOW! It seems breathtaking! Have a lovely holiday! Erik says ‘ciao’! 😉

  2. Rachael says:

    Does this mean that you bought me one? Looks a lot like Saffron, except slimer!

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