Holiday 2012: Day 1 – Munich, Germany

May 31st, 2012 by Francis Yates Leave a reply »

So after a very long flight, we finally arrived in Munich at 7am this morning. It was really weird flying for vacation and not flying for business, which has happened so often lately, that it has become second nature!

As we did not have much time in Munich (just a day and half) we went straight to the hotel, and lucky for us, the room was ready at 9am when we got to the hotel. This allowed us to have a quick shower before going out and exploring what Munich has.

Munich is a really beautiful city, and the amount of people who ride bicycles is just amazing. It would be fantastic to be able to ride your bicycle pretty much anywhere you go, one can wish! The country is very clean and well looked after, good old’ German efficiency! The machines to buy the train tickets are not that user friendly, but once a German person helped us, we managed to get our ticket for the day. Having a public transport system that is so effective is great, you would hardly need a car here!

We started off with our sightseeing in Marienplatz, which is the central square in the city center. It is also home to the infamous Glockenspiel clock tower, which has some dolls (i think that is the right word!) that re-enact two famous scenes, the first one is the wedding of Duke Wilhelm V, and the lower is the celebration dance that the plague had ended in 1517. This happens daily at 11am, 12am and 5pm (in Summer)

After watching the show, we explored more of the area. Munich is full of the most beautiful parks in the middle of the city, it makes you forget your in a big city while your exploring them, they are really well maintained and relaxing, its great 🙂

After this we took a underground metro train to the Olympic area of Munich, which hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics. Now most people have heard of these Olympics, and not because of the sports, but because of a terrorist attack which killed 11 Israeli athletes. The Olympic park area is still used to this day, with the athletics stadium being used as a multi-purpose location, they actually have DTM (German Touring Cars) racing inside of the stadium in July, which they are busy setting up for. Once again, the area has the most beautiful parks, and you are completely disconnected from city life while strolling around these parks.

The Olympic village has a 291m tall tower, which includes a visiting deck (with a fee of course!) which takes you to 195m above ground. The view of Munich is spectacular, and there isn’t a view like it, as its the highest building in Munich by far. You get a really good view of the BMW factory / head office. The building they are located in is very unique, as its shaped as 4 cylinders of a car

We finished up the day with a lovely dinner at the famous Hofbrauhaus for dinner and some German beer (not that i drink beer!) and then made our way back to the hotel. It was a great day in Munich, and tomorrow we will be making our way back to the airport for part 2 of the holiday, the flight to Venice, and we will then board the brand new Carnival Breeze on Sunday!

Chat tomorrow!


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