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Holiday Day 14: Livorno, Italy (Final Day)

October 30th, 2008

Last night we had a spectacular magic show as the entertainment for the night. One of the best magicians I have seen, and his finger shadow show to the song Circle of Life was absolutely amazing!

This morning we arrived in Livorno, Italy. Now there is really nothing to do in Livorno, but the reason that the Carnival Freedom stops here, is that it is the gateway port to Florence, Pisa and Tuscany itself.

Our tour this morning was a “Florence By Yourself” which was pretty much just a bus ride to Florence with a few ideas on what to do while you where there. We had around 5 hours inside Florence to do as we pleased. On the way to Florence we got a peak (a far peak) of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, now it ended up being a good thing that we did not go to Pisa, as it rained the entire day in Livorno / Pisa! And we had lovely weather up in Florence, which was about 100km drive from Livorno.

Florence is a typical Tuscan city (well, it is the capital of Tuscany after all). The city is beautiful, and the buildings are amazing. It is a very tourist aimed city, with lots of shops selling leather, pizza and the most amazing looking ice cream you have ever seen! The only problem being, that with the current exchange rate going through the roof, Florence becomes extremely expensive!

Unfortunately the statue of David (David and Goliath) by Michelangelo was closed for maintenance (they where washing it…) so did not get to see the statue.

Florence has an incredibly rich history in art work, with priceless art works in museums across Florence.  Florence has an amazing bridge over the Arno river, which was the only bridge not destroyed by the Germans in World War II. The bridge is now known as “Women’s Paradise, Mans hell!” as the entire bridge is covered with shops selling ONLY gold! And lots and lots of gold at that! It is a beautiful sight!

So now sadly it is time to back our bags, and get ready for the long trek back to Johannesburg. Tomorrow morning we will be disembarking the ship at around 8:30am and making our way back to Rome, and then from Rome back to the Airport. We will be leaving at 3pm and then we have a longish stop in Dubai (In the middle of the morning at that!) and then we leave for Johannesburg early on Sunday morning and then back Sunday Lunch time!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog, and I thank you for reading it, it has been a pleasure writing it! Until next year!

Ciao! Arrivederci!!