Holiday: Day 17: Free Day

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Disney: Day 8: Free Day

Today, the final day before leaving back to Johannesburg on Monday, was our free day to do shopping etc. Made a stop at the Orlando Premium Outlet stores, which is factory shops for most major brands, and got myself a new pair of Levi’s!! After that we made our way to the new hotel (for one night.. other hotel was a 7 night stay only). The hotel for the night is pretty close to the airport, and its located at Florida Mall.

Florida mall is one of the largest CLOSED air malls in North America, most of there shopping centre’s are open air. Nice mall and it wasted sometime while we waited for 3pm to check into hotel to drop off bags, chocolates melting in suitcases in hot car!!

After checking into the hotel, and hooking up the laptop, I suddenly remembered that we had not been to hooters for dinner yet (or lunch), so after finding a branch, we made our way to hooters for lunch, wouldnt have been a trip without a stop at hooters! For those of you who dont know, Hooters is good food, cold beer, served by beautiful women (there slogan)… I think they hire the waitresses based on there breast size only.. but im not complaining!!

After late lunch, we made our way back to SeaWorld to catch Shamu Rocks, which is the new nighttime show at seaworld which only started yesterday, arrived abit early, and walking around the park my dad suggested to go on Kraken again, this being the rollercoaster he was to scared to go on last time, he loved it and regrets missing it the first time!!

Kraken is an awesome rollercoaster, with 7 (SEVEN!!!) inversions.. getting up to a 105km/h! There is even a Zero-G Roll! Cool!! The first drop alone is 44m.. but really cool rollercoaster, alot more tame then Expedition Everest!

Shamu Rocks was awesome, was nice to see the Night Show while we where out here, would have been terrible not to have taken the oppertunity to check it out, the lightining effects and music where great, and of course, the whales where amazing again.

Tommorow we will be leaving Orlando to fly to Atlanta, and then Atlanta back to Johhanesburg, via Dakar, will be home Tuesday afternoon.. hope everyone who was reading enjoyed my stories.. untill next time.. be good, miss ya.. see you all real soon now!!


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