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Holiday: Day 16 (Cruise)

September 18th, 2006


Cruise: Day 2

Today was Day 2 of the cruise, we arrived at Boston at just after 1:30pm, and then the boat was cleared. We did the “Scenic Boston and Harbour tour” which was a bus drive to the other side of the harbour, a guided tour of the harbour (45min) and then back onto the bus for a guided tour of Boston. Boston is a stunning little city, but I would imagine very expensive. We saw the building where “Boston Legal” is filmed, was wondering if it actually was filmed in Boston, or in Hollywood :).

Tommorow we will be stopping in Portland, which is in the state of Maine (and yes, for those of you who know Linkwood (my cat), he is a Maine Coon, and this is where they originated from). We are doing the “Portland By Land And Sea” tour, which should be interesting aswell.

Every night on the boat there is entertainment, which would be a show of sort, last night was a Welcome Show, with the Carnival Victory Dancers, and then a comedian (Marvin Bell). He was exceptionally funny! Tonights show is a Juggler (Victor Zuniga) and a Comedian (Anthony Acosta). Anthony will be doing the Adults only show tomorrow night at midnight, which are usually very fun, but obviously not for the whole family!

There are 2 “Vegas” style shows on the boat, which include the whole lights, skimpy costumes, and music. They are usually amazing shows. The first show will be tomorrow night, and then the adult comedy show. Tommorow night is also the first formal night, with the captains cocktail party and gala dinner, all dress up evening..

Time to get ready to go to the evening show, missing ya all!

Times of posts are a bit messed up since im 6hrs behind SA time.. 🙂