Holiday: Day 19 (Cruise)

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Ooooh.. Even prettier! šŸ™‚

Cruise: Day 4

Welcome to Canada!
Saint John, New Brunswick

Wow, what aƂĀ  beautiful place, but cold. This morning was another early morning, the only thing about choosing the morning tours, is the early mornings. Up at 7 so we could have breakfast before taking our tour. The tour chosen for today was “Saint Johns Photography Tour”, which was a guided tour by a professional photographer. This tour was very interesting, as he gave photography tips, on how to improve your photography and take better pictures, he is a professional photographer, and does these tours when cruise boats come in, very interesting!

Saint John

Saint John, is the start of the Fundy River, which is a reversing river, ok now this is weird. Every 6 hours (4 times a day) the river changes direction, this is due to the forces from High Tide / Low tide at the mouth of the Saint John river. During a 24 hour period, the river sends 100 tons of water in each direction! That’s an amazing amount of water. The water gets sent in the opposite direction for just over 70 miles!ƂĀ  That’s an amazing force of water! The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world, up to 50 vertical feet!

Some quick facts of Saint John:

Population: 69,000
Average Summer Temp: 21 C
Average Winter Temp: -12 C (There is a 4 week period where they have temps of -25C)
Average Snowfall: 304.8 Cm (3 metres)
Number of Foggy Summer Days: 12 – 20 Per Month! (Today was one of them)

The rest of the afternoon we spent exploring Saint John, and when finished, we ended up in an Irish Pub! This ended 2 hours later. Very friendly people! Was a nice relaxing end to the day. Tommorow is the first of 2 Sea days. Get to spend the whole day doing as little as possible, and sleeping and relaxing, and tanning if the sun is out! šŸ™‚

Last nights Vegas show was very impressive, has been slightly changed since I last saw it, but very slightly, still always a good show! The Adult comedian show was awesome, he was exceptionally funny. He will soon have his own spot on HBO live (Comedian show on TV), his name is Anthony Acosta, from Peurto Rico!. Tonights show is a magic show, which could be very good, usually is!

Las Vegas Style Show

Thursday we will be arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Gaelic for New Scotland).

Speak to ya guys soon! Present shopping almost done! Some of you are harder to buy for then others..

Be Good!




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